Hi, I’m known to most people as Ronnie, only Veronica when I am in trouble. Born in Staines England, grew up in beautiful Devon countryside, went to high school with my hubby and married him after 10 years courtship – just in case we weren’t right for each other!

I was a Royal Navy wife for 26 years, have two wonderful kids late 20s and 30s who add colour and meaning to our lives. I am a practising nurse and midwife, taking a few months each year to work in remote aboriginal communities in WA.

I love new ventures, arts and crafts, gardening, cooking, travel. If I’m honest I’m happiest cooking big feasts for family and friends, or splitting wood with my husband on a chilly autumn day with a rummy coffee to warm us up.


I knew I needed to train as a celebrant after attending too many ceremonies that appeared soulless and contained nothing unique or personal. I was dismayed after attending some really lack lustre weddings that appeared to slot the couple’s names into pre-written templates, I knew I could do better. Then just to add insult to a poem I wrote for my favourite uncle’s funeral in the UK was unable to be included due to time restraints! I Immediately searched for the best training school in Australia and began my training straight away.

As a bonus for every referral you make that results in a ceremony booking you will receive a cash payment of 10% of your wedding fee.

I promise to guide you through the process that will give you a fabulously memorable wedding ceremony in any style you choose.

So, contact me for a free initial chat and start making the magic of your dreams a reality.

Look forward to hearing from you

Love Ronnie