I am committed to the sanctity of marriage and therefore have a duty to make you aware of the availability of Marriage Preparation Seminars.

These services offer guidance and exploration of matters that are important for you to consider as you embark on your lives together. Most importantly, what do commitment and marriage mean to you both. Issues to consider and discuss with your partner may include:

  • What are our expectations of marriage?
  • What will be different once we get married?
  • What do we each bring to the relationship?
  • How will we work out our finances?
  • Do we want to have children?
  • Do we have similar values and beliefs?
  • If we have differences, are we able to work through them together?

Most couples who have completed either an on-line, individual face-to-face or group seminar state that they were surprised how much they received from the experience especially liking the conflict resolution techniques as they were pertinent in all aspects of life but especially valuable in dealing with children and family upset.