A funeral is a ceremony where a body is present either in a casket or coffin, whereas a memorial may be any time after the death of a loved one and does not include a body. Usually an alter or similar representation of the deceased life is the focal point. A memorial may be held in any location or public site (permission may be required from local council).


First contact me via website email or phone.

We will arrange an appropriate time to meet usually at your home, but the choice is yours.

I will ask for information from you and your family to facilitate the writing of a truly unique ceremony befitting your loved one incorporating ritual, photograph slide show and mementos if required.

I will email a copy of the ceremony for your final notes and will be happy to make changes if required. You will always be in control.

I have suggestions for music and readings if you need some examples.

I will liaise with the funeral director of your choice or assist you in this matter if you feel you would like support.

I have a professional PA system that will ensure your music and the ceremony is heard by all of your guests.

My fees vary depending on time spent on ceremony writing, content and travel but you will be given a guaranteed price at the end of our first face to face meeting.

Lets get together over a cup of tea where I can support and assist you in the writing of a beautiful ceremony that celebrates a life lived while acknowledging the grief of those left behind.
Veronica Clarkson – Celebrant